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Neurorestorative and Neurorehabilitation Solutions (NRNRS), have now pivoted to the company’s core activity of designing and manufacturing new medical devices to fill the void in delivery of recovery of the affected side during the neurorehabilitation process for people with full paralysis. People with full paralysis and moderate paralysis end up developing tightness of unrecovered muscles and the worst affected end up with fixed rigidity deformities. Ensuring specific recovery of the affected brain’s balance and coordination system is important to prevent rigidity after moderate to full paralysis. This is because the brain’s balance and coordination system controls muscle tone through regulation of the nerve cells in the spine. Working just for overall function leads to the unaffected side compensating and where the balance system is severely impaired this may lead to people being discharged to be nursed in bed with fixed rigidity deformities developing  throughout the rest of the person’s life.

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Even where compensatory function may temporarily seem to occur with intense therapy in stroke wards, this eventually fizzles out to loss of mobility after some months in the community. The shortening of the length of stay in stroke units, which had been evidence based, has led to minimisation of early recovery of the balance and coordination system for the affected side. The opportunity cost of not getting recovery of the affected side is that as the unaffected side ages, its ability to compensate reduces hence functional abilities fizzle out once people are in the community This is why NRNRS innovates medical devices that address this gap in current approaches to neurorehabilitation.

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