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“I wanted so much to be able to walk and when I was told I had reached my optimum of transferring with a sara stedy I got so frustrated. Now I can walk with my stick and supervision of one person thanks to Ben, Alice and my family. ” JB


‘You have done a miracle on my husband. He had been written off to depend on a Sara Stedy for life. Everyone who comes and sees him walking with his tripod stick end up saying “I cannot believe this.”’ AB


“Before I started  your (Ben’s) therapy with the app and specific exercises that go with the app, I could not use my right hand to drink. I could not balance well and was hip hitching when walking. Now I find myself automatically using my right hand to hold cups and glasses. I can now carry a dish of water and walk at the same time when I have not been able to do this for a few years. Going up and down stairs has become easier.” TS

Thank you

No words to ever be able to thank you enough for all your help and knowledge. To have our (family member) back is truly wonderful. You are amazing!



I wanted to be able to walk again. I wanted this so badly I got frustrated and low when it felt impossible to achieve and when progress was slow. It feels good to be walking again even if it is with one person still assisting me. This is thanks to Ben, Alice and my family.


The treatment really helped me as I could not do anything before you treated me. The shaking I experienced frightened the nurses and therapists when using a sling hoist to get me in and out of bed. I can now walk on my own and go shopping with my son. I still feel a bit of unease when walking on smooth floors in supermarkets but feel alright when pushing the shopping trolley.